Temporary Placements Down Over The Year

Temporary Placements Down Over The Year


The index for total permanent placements remained flat year-over-year. Marketing (+13% y/y) and IT (+11% y/y) were the strongest sectors for permanent placements, while Social Work (-5% y/y), Engineering (-3% y/y) and Finance (-3% y/y) were down.

Temporary placements were down -3% y/y. Finance (+9%), Social Work (+7%) and Marketing (+5%) led growth in temporary placements, while Engineering (-15%) and IT (-3%) were down.


Both permanent (-3%) and temporary (-15% ) placements for the engineering sector continued to be down year-over-year.


The finance sector continued to grow in temp placements with a year-over- year growth of +9%. But perm placements stayed negative after two years of positive growth.


In the IT sector, while permanent placements increased (+11%), temporary placements declined (-3%) year-over-year.


Both temp placements and permanent placements in media and marketing increased compared to a year ago.


Temp placements in social work continued to increase (+7%), while permanent placements continued to decline (-5%) year-over-year.


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