Aspirare Recruitment is proud to support Spirit Aid , The Clutha Trust and The Clutha Bar in their goal to help people.
Amongst the people involved in this charity project are famous British celebrities such as Peter McDonald, Alec Rae, Craig Brown, David Hayman, John O’Byrne, Alan Crossan, Giles Plenderleith and Martin McCrum.

Visit if you wish to help as well.

Spirit Aid is a Scottish based humanitarian charity which seeks to promote equality, inclusiveness and opportunity for young people through innovative non-prescriptive projects that promote sustainable solutions to poverty of all types. Spirit Aid works with young people, inspiring change, confidence, cooperation and sustainable development in areas of need with an understanding that neither poverty nor compassion are bound by boundaries socially or geographically.

If you want to help you can contact Spirit Aid at:

The Clutha Trust is a music/arts charity based in Glasgow, Scotland. At the Clutha Trust we like to give people who donate something for their money. That is why we run concerts – hold events in Pubs & Clubs – basically we entertain people to raise funds. If you would like help from the Clutha Trust firstly check out our page on who we have helped in the past and check our constitution to see if your need falls in to any of the categories that we can help with. 

If you want to help you can contact The Clutha Trust at: